A gym owner that doesn’t go to the gym?


I’m not perfect. Far from it in fact.

A client was speaking to me earlier last week, and it was the topic of that very conversation that has sparked this post.

We were discussing how hard it is sometimes to prioritise exercise over other things in your life; that for many people, turning up to training is actually extraordinarily difficult.

For the longest time it used to frustrate me to the point of almost exploding; ‘Why on EARTH would this person not come and train if they want to lose weight!?’, I would often say to myself, incredibly frustrated and angry at the world.

All I could see was the absolutes; the black and the white; the cause and the effect.

Until it happened to me.

A few months into starting this business, I started to notice myself gradually; it was very subtle, but gradually finding it really tough to get myself to the gym. Funny isn’t it, given I spend (at a minimum) 12 hours per day inside one! Hour after hour writing programs and thinking of new ways to motivate clients… yet I was slowly finding it harder to motivate myself.

It sounds almost laughable doesn’t it, especially as I am writing this out; a personal trainer that finds it hard to work out, who finds it difficult to even begin a workout… even though he is literally ALREADY in the gym.

Well as ridiculous as it might sound, that’s the truth.

I really ummed and ahh’d before writing this, for fear that my lovely and loyal clients would read this and go “Uhh, if Sean can’t even find the desire to train, why would I keep listening to him try and motivate me to turn up and workout!?”

And do you know what, they actually might. I have no idea.

But I think in this world of bullshit, of fake people, of people lying and deceiving other people, ESPECIALLY in the fitness industry, I think it is my duty to be as open and as authentic as I can with everyone.

For most of this year, I have struggled to consistently workout.

Yeah sure, I’ve been busy trying to get this business off the ground.

I could have easily made time though.

Yep, sometimes there are other more pressing matters that I need to do.

I could have easily made time though.

But I didn’t.

I continued to prioritise work related tasks over my physical fitness. I’ll be the first one to put my hand up and admit that. I’m not ashamed, that’s just what happened.

And do you know what, through my own experiences, even though they are not what you would typically associate with the quintessential personal trainer; I honestly feel like I have learnt far more than if I was just to have continued doing a 5 day Bro Split this whole year. I actually now`100% understand, and empathise, when a client says to me “Sean, I just have a lot going on I’m finding it hard to make training”. Or when someone says to me “It’s just really hard to get up in the morning and come to class”.

Whereas previously I would have just gotten frustrated with them, now,

through my own experiences and evaluating my own actions, I far better understand where people are coming from.

If you want to train at a place where the trainer works out 7 days a week and can’t understand why his/her clients don’t do the same; then Kinetic probably isn’t for you.

And do you know what, that is totally fine. We aren’t the best fit for everyone.

However, if you want to train at a place where the trainer has been through exactly what you may be going through, understands your viewpoint, and will do everything possible to work with you to re-ignite that motivation and drive; then Kinetic probably IS for you.

Side note; I have managed to re-ignite my training fire. Let me help you re-ignite yours too.