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Our proven system will show you how to say goodbye to fad diets, weight loss challenges, and feelings of frustration; giving you the body of your dreams and the life you always wanted.

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99% Of People That Begin A Weight Loss Program Will Fail...(But It's Not Their Fault)

Every one of us at some point in our lives has embarked on a quest to change the way our body looks.

Whether this be through a diet you saw online, an app your favourite influencer recommended, or a weight loss challenge at a fitness studio; most people are drawn to these methods because of one overriding reason…

They promise results… and fast.

Minimal time, maximum results, someone else doing the planning for you - for many people that lead extraordinarily busy lives, it sounds like the perfect solution… and who can blame them?

With so many different avenues to go down, each one guaranteeing fast results, we should be seeing fit, healthy, confident people walking around everywhere...

Except we don’t.

In reality, we see the opposite. 

We see frustrated, upset and guilt-ridden people who are not only unhappy with the way they look, but whose self-esteem has taken a beating through continuous failed attempts to change their weight.

This is not their fault.

The 'quick-fix' solutions do actually work... for a little while. 

You will almost certainly lose weight...but it will come back.

Your confidence and happiness will increase...then sink even lower once the weight returns.

These people, sadly, are constantly fed misinformation, false promises and in some cases - blatant lies - from the fitness industry; an industry that is increasingly becoming less about genuinely helping people achieve long term results, and more about selling people on the idea that you can make a permanent change to your body in only a few short weeks.

Unfortunately, that is never the case. 

If frustrated people don’t get the genuine support and the truth they deserve, they will go through life never knowing what it feels like to look in the mirror and being totally confident in what they see staring back at them, never achieving a sense of happiness within themselves, and ultimately, will end up allowing the doubt and the guilt to creep in so much that they completely give up on their goals and dreams.

That’s why we created the Anti-Challenge System…

Because we believe that nobody should be giving up on themselves before they are shown what they are truly capable of achieving. 




"I’ve been a member at Studio Kinetic for 8 months now and I couldn’t be happier with what Sean, Sarah and Alexandra have helped me achieve. I have always been active and have had many different gym memberships, including the more recent with F45... but Studio Kinetic is by far the best gym I’ve ever belonged to. You truly feel like your part of a family rather than another number"



"Sean and his team really care about your wellbeing. Very knowledgeable and passionate about helping you achieve your goals. In my case I started at Studio Kinetic with pre-existing leg issues, in the time I have spent with Sean, I have had great improvements with my strength and mobility. It is a very personal environment, with small groups - so attention to you is always there. Very friendly and happy place to be"



"This place is amazing, Sean and the team provide excellent knowledge to tailor to your health needs and really bring out the best in you not only physically but also mentally. The community is incredible, creating a new foundation for relationships to bring your health journey to the next level. Truly worth the money that you pay. The semi-private sessions create an excellent social environment that shines above the stagnant antisocial environments of commercial gyms. Studio Kinetic is something special and definitely whips you into shape."

How the system works

Our Anti-Challenge System is the complete solution to your fitness problems. We help anyone currently frustrated with the way they look and feel by identifying limiting beliefs, forming new habits and consistently training under expert guidance. We are the only truly complete fitness solution available in Melbourne. Here's how it works:

Building Better Beliefs

Have you ever wondered why you started out with the best of intentions on a weight loss journey, but ended up coming to a screeching halt?

Using our Belief Tree™ we will help you understand how your belief system operates, and any limiting beliefs you hold. 

Most people focus only on the leaves of their tree - the things that are easily visible and readily accessible: the latest diets, newest exercise trends, fat burner supplements etc. 

But what about the roots of the tree? A strong, healthy root system means a strong, healthy tree, and you can think of your belief system in the same way.

Armed with newfound insights into your limiting beliefs, you are now ready to leave them behind once and for all. 

Creating Helpful Habits

Habits are the things we do day in, day out, without even thinking about them. These habits can either help us progress toward our goal, or pull us away. 

Habits are essential to any weight loss or body composition achievement, which is why we place such a huge emphasis on helping you identify your habits that are pulling you away from your goal, and support you through the process of replacing them with more positive, helpful ones.

Once you have bulletproof habits, you will feel unstoppable. Nothing will stand in your way of you reaching your goal.

Whether it be nutrition, training, sleep or even daily activity levels; we will be there to help you change any habit necessary to ensure you reach your ultimate goal.

Nutrition Education & Support

There is such a vast amount of information out there these days on diet and nutrition, it's hard to know where to begin.

Eat this, don't eat that, drink this for optimal weight loss, only eat after sunset to burn fat, drink only celery juice in the afternoon to lose body fat; it's honestly no wonder why people feel totally and utterly confused.

Luckily, we have the solution. Alexandra, a University qualified Dietitian with 5 years of study under her belt is a part of the team here and will:

  • Provide you with appropriate meal plans for your goal
  • Show you limitless healthy and cheap recipe ideas
  • Be a constant source of support and guidance through weekly group consultations, answering any questions or queries you may have.

Once you experience the level of expertise here at Kinetic when it comes to implementing sustainable nutrition habits, and how it can change your life, you'll be kicking yourself you didn't find us sooner. 

Train At Kinetic

You can't fit square pegs into round holes, which is why at Kinetic before commencing training you will undertake a comprehensive Movement Screen.

Using the results of this screen, our Exercise Scientists will direct you to begin training in our sessions, or, if you require a more specific program tailored to any injury, niggle or imbalance your may have, then you will be directed to join our Specialised sessions.

All our sessions have a capacity of only 6 people, meaning you get exceptionally personalised attention by highly qualified professionals. 


Why Choose Us

☑️ Our comprehensive Movement Screening and Specialised training sessions means your body will always be in the best care, looked after by a team of expert Exercise Scientists.

☑️ We support you every step of the way to achieve consistency in your training - working with you to build a plan around your weekly schedule. We understand life is busy, but no matter how crazy it gets, we can design the right solution for you.

☑️ Our comprehensive semi-private training sessions mean you get the personalisation of a private session, with the great atmosphere and camaraderie of a group session. Our sessions have a capacity of 6, which ensures you are getting the highest attention to detail from our expert coaches at all times.

☑️ You get unlimited access to a University qualified Dietitan with a Bachelor in Food & Nutrition Sciences, and a Masters in Dietetics. No more guesswork when it comes to your Nutrition - we have you expertly covered. Learn how to eat specifically for you body type, how to easily practise a balanced diet, and most importantly; how to achieve your body transformation goal without yo-yo dieting or starving yourself. 

☑️ Achieving long lasting change involves so much more than just training. We work closely with you to uncover your limiting beliefs and your unhelpful habits; then support you every step of the way to change them for the better. Once you understand why you do the things you do, and have a strong support system around you, you will be able to make positive changes that last a lifetime.




There are two things most people desire:

1. To feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

2. To no longer feel frustrated when they look in the mirror. 

But, for most people, this is not their reality.

The fitness industry has conditioned us to believe that skinny = happy, and that weight loss should be done in a 6 week period (sometimes even less). 

For too long, I heard countless stories and watched firsthand as people embarked on their weight loss challenge, or newest diet, only to fall off the wagon (as is inevitable) and end up putting more weight back on than what they had started with.

I watched as frustration, disappointment, guilt and sadness overwhelmed these people. Until one day I decided…

Enough was enough. Something had to be done.

Someone had to lead from the front and show people that there is a way to lose weight, feel comfortable in their own skin, and regain control over their weight, health and happiness; in a way that lasts a lifetime, not just a matter of weeks.

The Anti-Challenge System was born: A complete system that will teach you why pursuing weight loss is not always the answer, how to build better beliefs and behaviours, identify and create helpful habits, but most importantly; how to transform how you look and feel, for life. 

My mission, and Kinetic’s purpose, is to help as many people on this journey as possible. I would love to help you, too.


Sean Head Shot

Sean Stokes, Owner & Founder Studio Kinetic Melbourne



"I’m the kind of girl that never does anything for me.. I always put other people before myself...

Having a busy, stressful, office based job often left me making excuses about how tired I was to train and how I never had time to eat properly. 

I am now consistently training 3-4 times a week, which I absolutely love and has been great for my mental health. I consistently eat meals which are good for me and keep me fuller for longer. I am 20 weeks into the ACS and am easily able to maintain this sustainable, balanced nutrition. 

The one thing I took away from this whole experience is that short term fixes do you more damage than good. Life is about balance and you shouldn’t feel guilty for having an off day.

Massive thanks to Coach Sean and the Kinetic team being brave and moving from the norm of quick fix challenges... which don’t teach you anything!"



"Before joining Kinetic’s Anti-Challenge System I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough at the gym and was getting disheartened not seeing any physical results. I have since seen many changes in my life; from developing far more helpful eating habits, to huge improvements to my general health and well being.

Studio Kinetic and the team, led by Sean, is one of the most trustworthy fitness and lifestyle studios I've ever come across, and I'd have no hesitation sending my family too if they wanted a guaranteed result. They combine expertise and experience to rise above the mediocre PT's that you normally get at your local globo gym or group training joint. 

I can't recommend the ACS  and Kinetic enough to anyone who wants to learn new habits and to completely transform the way they look and feel, for life."



"Before embarking on the Anti-Challenge System, I was doing one PT session a week and ballet 1 hour a week. I have a desk job so I was sedentary for most of the day. I found that I was getting lower back pain and knee pain from ballet as I was not strong enough and inactive for long periods of time. My eating habits were not very good.

After joining the Anti-Challenge System, I started working out 3-4 times a week, and gradually built up my strength and cardio until I no longer have lower back pain which also greatly helped my ballet.

I also became aware of my eating habits by regularly recording what I ate, and this allowed me to change my habits. Having regular nutrition seminars were really helpful, and I found my attitude to food and snacking in particular became more positive. I started eating the right foods to fuel my body and felt like I had more energy and could concentrate better. 

So far, I have  lost 1.5kg of body fat and gained almost 2kg in muscle. I can honestly say that I am well on the way to a healthier way of living, and I now feel the most motivated I have ever felt."

The Anti-Challenge System

The complete solution to your health and fitness problems.

What’s included?

+ Unlimited Semi-Private Personal Training (1:6)
+ Weekly Consultation With Our Qualified Dietitian
+ Tailored Meal Plans Designed By Our Dietitian
+ Complete Nutrition Coaching and Support
+ Individualised Programming
+ Initial Assessment and Movement Screen
+ 1:1 Onboarding
+ Mindset Coaching
+ Access To Exclusive Video Library



We stand by our results. If at the end of your initial contract period you haven't improved, we'll give you your money back. We don't make excuses, we just get results. If you aren't head over heels thrilled with your training experience with us, we don't deserve your money. Simple. There is not a stronger guarantee than this in the market. 

Money Back Guarantee