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Our proven system will show you how to say goodbye to fad diets, weight loss challenges, and feelings of frustration; giving you the body of your dreams and the life you always wanted.

Does This Sound Familiar?

There are two things most people desire:

1. To feel comfortable in their own skin and;

2. To feel like they are in control of their weight, health and happiness

Because let’s be honest, there’s no better feeling than waking up, looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling an overwhelming sense of pride. You simply can’t put on a price on it.

But, for most people, this is not their reality.

The fitness industry has conditioned us to believe that skinny = happy, and that weight loss should be done in a 6 week period (sometimes even less). 

For too long, I heard countless stories and watched firsthand as people embarked on their weight loss challenge, or newest diet, only to fall off the wagon (as is inevitable) and end up putting more weight back on than what they had started with.

I watched as frustration, disappointment, guilt and sadness overwhelmed these people.

Until one day I decided…

Enough was enough.

Something had to be done.

Someone had to lead from the front and show people that there is a way to lose weight, feel comfortable in their own skin, and regain control over their weight, health and happiness; a way that lasts a lifetime, not just a matter of weeks.

The Anti-Challenge System was born.

A complete system that will teach you why weight loss is not the answer, how to build better beliefs and behaviours, identify and create helpful habits, but most importantly; how to transform how you look and feel, for life. 

My mission, and Kinetic’s purpose, is to help as many people on this journey as possible.

I would love to help you, too.

Sean Head Shot

Sean Stokes, Owner & Founder Studio Kinetic Melbourne

The Anti-Challenge System

A complete system that will immerse you in premium semi-private personal training, teach you why weight 'loss' is not the answer, and teach you how to identify and replace your unhelpful habits, with more helpful ones.

$97.95/WK $48.97/WK

50% OFF FOR YOUR FIRST MONTH. Must sign up before July 22nd.

What’s included?

+ Initial Assessment and Movement Screen
+ 1:1 Onboarding
+ Unlimited Semi-Private Personal Training (1:6)
+ Individualised Programs
+ InBody Scans
+ Mindset Coaching
+ Nutrition Coaching
+ Weekly Zoom Calls With Dietitian
+ Access To Exclusive Video Library



The Anti Challenge is a complete system that will teach you:

Why weight "loss" is not the answer

How to replace your unhelpful habits
with more helpful ones

How to completely transform how you
look and feel... for life

Through years of experience with hundreds of clients, we have been able to devise a system that has been proven to help people change their weight (notice we said change...not simply 'lose') for life, not merely for a short six week ‘challenge’. 

Our system is all about providing you with every conceivable tool you will possibly need to completely transform your health and wellbeing, long term. Education, your mindset, and your habits are all areas that we place enormous emphasis on. After all, if you don’t understand exactly why you have got yourself into your current can you possibly expect to get yourself out of it?


How the system works

We help you discover your limiting beliefs. You set your goal. You identify your unhelpful habits. You pick one habit at a time to work on, until they cascade like dominoes and you are a completely new person, with a completely new lease on life. Sound too good to be true? We promise, it's not. We help you every step of the way, giving you every tool you could possibly require to develop these life-changing new habits. Click on each tab to find out how our system works.

-In each of us, there are beliefs we have about the world, about others, and about ourselves.

-Before training, before diets, before habits; you need to dive deep into your belief systems and discover what limiting beliefs you hold.

-Limiting beliefs are the "You don't deserve to be happy", "You will NEVER be able to fit into those clothes" voices in your head; voices that we will help you silence once and for all

- Using the data from your Inbody Scan, we will set out your realistic body composition change goal. If you don't want to get a scan, that's completely fine; our goal setting can take another form, after all, this system is 100% tailored to YOU.

- We will identify how your limiting beliefs show up in your behaviors, how they make you feel, and outline exactly what is driving your need for change. 

- We pick one habit at a time to focus on, this is called the keystone habit.

- You will work closely with out University qualified Nutritionist throughout this whole process; any questions, concerns or advice you may have, Alexandra will be there for you.

-No body composition change can occur without a consistent resistance training routine.

-Our emphasis on accountability ensures you are able to develop a consistent training routine.

- We completely understand that life is crazy. Busy schedules and long work hours are a part of life nowadays. We help you reframe your priorities to make training higher on the list, and to make time for yourself.

- Our training focuses on quality of movement and doing things correctly; meaning you will never miss a period of time due to an injury from a poorly performed lift.

-We are 110% committed to you for as long as it takes you to reach your ultimate goal, and beyond.

- We expect a commitment from you, too. 

- Our system operates in 12 week commitment blocks. As we know, changing your life does not happen overnight.

-We are there for you, the entire time. 


We offer a wide range of sessions, catering to all fitness levels and abilities