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The Anti Challenge is a complete system that will teach you why weight 'loss' is not the answer, how to replace your unhelpful habits with more helpful ones, and how to completely transform how you look and feel...for life.

Through years of experience with hundreds of clients, we have been able to devise a system that has been proven to help people change their weight (notice we said change...not simply 'lose') for life, not merely for a short six week ‘challenge’. 

Our system is all about providing you with every conceivable tool you will possibly need to completely transform your health and wellbeing, long term. Education, your mindset, and your habits are all areas that we place enormous emphasis on. After all, if you don’t understand exactly why you have got yourself into your current situation...how can you possibly expect to get yourself out of it?

How the system works

You set your goal. You learn how to keep a food diary. You identify your unhelpful habits. You pick one habit at a time to work on, until they cascade like dominoes and you are a completely new person, with a completely new lease on life. Sound too good to be true? We promise, it's not. We help you every step of the way, giving you every tool you could possibly require to develop these life-changing new habits. 

- Using the data from your Inbody Scan, we will set out your realistic body composition change goal.

- We will identify exactly why you do the things you do, how they make you feel, and outline exactly what is driving your need for change.

- You will work closely with out University qualified Nutritionist throughout this whole process; any questions, concerns or advice you may have, Alexandra will be there for you.

- Once we have identified your unhelpful habits, it’s then time to replace them with more helpful habits.

- We pick one habit at a time to focus on, this is called the keystone habit.

-The team works extremely closely with you in order to ensure you understand all the learning material, and to hold you accountable as you strive to implement your keystone habit.

-No body composition change can occur without a consistent resistance training routine

-Our emphasis on accountability ensures you are able to develop a consistent training routine

- We don’t believe in ‘busy schedules’ or ‘no time’; we help you reframe your priorities to make training higher on the list

- Our training focuses on quality of movement and doing things correctly; meaning you will never miss a period of time due to an injury from a poorly performed lift

-We are committed to you for as long as it takes you to reach your ultimate goal, and beyond.

- We expect a commitment from you, too. 

- The Anti Challenge operates in 12 week commitment blocks. Changing your life does not happen overnight.

-We are there for you, the entire time. 

Join the Anti-Challenge


Investment: $97.95 per week

+ Initial Assessment
+ InBody Scans
+ Unlimited Small Group Training (1:6)
+ Individualised Programs
+ 1:1 Onboarding Sessions
+ Weekly Zoom Calls
+Weekly Educational Material
+ Nutritional Coaching
+ Mindset Coaching
+ E-Food Diary

Are you nursing an injury?

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Our semi-private group classes cater for your every individual requirement.