Myth series: #2 “I just want to tone my belly and my arms”


Every females dream. To start training and have the belly and arm (or insert whichever body part is troubling you) fat just melt away.

Unfortunately, life is cruel, and this scenario is no exception.

There is no way to spot-reduce body fat.

Despite what the Fit-Pro’s on Instagram might tell you, despite what the latest Booty Builder or Ab Blaster program you are being sold may promise, NO AMOUNT of ab work is going to make your six-pack pop through, nor is constant tricep and bicep work going to make those guns toned and tight.

Well, they may be tight. But they will still be camouflaged under the layer of body fat.

Body fat comes off as a whole…

So what does this mean? Most of you know what this means, but just don’t want to admit it to yourselves, or indeed, face it…

Hard work.

The two words that most people don’t want to hear.

How blissful our lives here at Kinetic would be if all we needed to do was to prescribe ab work all day, every day, and have everyone walking around with six packs.

In saying that, they are muscle groups, and like any other, they do need to be trained in order to develop and grow. However, a few other critical things need to happen simultaneously.

Unfortunately, a reduction in body fat goes hand in hand with hard work.

Lifting weights. Eating well. Doing some form of high-intensity training. Doing all of these critical things consistently, and with intent.

The good news is, if you do all these things, and are expending more energy (calories) than you are intaking, you will see tremendous results.

You WILL see your abs, arms, legs, butt, whichever body part it is that you desire to look better; look better.

If it was easy though, everyone would be doing it.

So, get to work.

SUMMARY; It is impossible to spot-reduce body fat. It comes off the body as a whole. Calories in need to be less than calories out for this to happen.