Personal Trainer Mitcham

Experience premium personal training in a supportive, encouraging environment where you are empowered to make long lasting changes to your health under the guidance of University qualified experts.

Mitcham Gym

If You Are Feeling:

  • Frustrated at your current situation
  • Apprehensive about joining a big chain 'globo-gym' 
  • Guilty that you keep breaking promises to yourself
  • Completely overwhelmed with what to do in regards to your health and fitness
  • Constantly sore from a niggling injury that no amount of treatment has been able to fix
  • In need of support, accountability and guidance from University qualified experts

Personal Trainer Mitcham



the belief tree

1. Initial Consultation

Using our Belief Tree, we will help you to identify any limiting beliefs you may be holding, then empower you over time to change them. We will then work with you to set a goal that is 100% specific to YOU. We believe that you can't fit square pegs in round holes, you won't find any generic 'cookie cutter' programs here. 

Mitcham Gym

2. Movement Screening

A comprehensive movement screen will be carried out by your Exercise Scientist to identify exactly how your body moves, what you should and shouldn't be doing, any injuries or restrictions you have, and most importantly; ensures your body is always in the safest of hands.

Weight Loss Mitcham

3. Dietitian Consult

An initial consultation with our Dietitian Alexandra is crucial for creating any long lasting changes. To achieve results that last a lifetime you will be supported by Alexandra to make small, sustainable changes to your nutrition. 

Studio Kinetic Training

4. Premium Training

Every single Exercise Scientist here has a degree qualification at a minimum, so you can be absolutely confident your body is in safe hands. Expert programming skills combined with an in-depth understanding of metabolism, physiology and anatomy mean every one of your workouts is meticulously crafted toward your goal.


Our coaches all have either an Exercise Science or Exercise Physiology degree... but what does that actually mean?



1 x session/wk:
$90 per session

2 x session/wk: $85 per session

3 x session/wk: $80 per session

INTRO PACK: 3 sessions for $149


1 x session/wk: $50 per person

2 x session/wk: $45 per person

3 x session/wk: $42.5 per person

INTRO PACK: 3 sessions for $99 per person

Our personal training will give you back control of your health & wellbeing. doesn't matter what we say, here's what people just like you say:


Mel Member

"I injured myself at another gym."

"I approached Studio Kinetic after having injured myself at another gym during their "fit mum 8 week challenge" and what happened was exactly what Sean said on his website about challenges; I went all in, trying to get the most out of the 8 weeks, did too much too soon, got injured and was out for 8 weeks.

Coming across Sean's anti-challenge philosophy was a breath of fresh air, and I really liked his no bullsh*t approach.

The team prescribed me a personalised exercise program that accounted for my injury - some exercises are the same as the ones my physio gave me, so they really know what they are talking about.

I LOVE the individual tailored program and the expertise of the coaches, and love that you also get access to a Dietitian! 

I LOVE the holistic approach and feel this is something I can continue long term and enjoy, rather than looking for quick fixes."



"My experience at Kinetic has been life changing."

"My experience at Studio Kinetic has been life changing (not to be dramatic).

The time and effort that the trainers put in to helping you build a program that works for you and your goals is amazing, and I genuinely look forward to going to gym each day.

Before joining, I was uncomfortable with myself and any form of exercise, opting to do light yoga and walks with the dogs.

Now I feel stronger and more confident, doing HIIT and boxing classes and upping my weights in the gym.

It becomes a way of life and I don’t think I will look back." By far the best Personal Trainer Mitcham!


David Member

"It's a gym that I look forward to going to."

"I found Studio Kinetic while I was looking for a Mitcham Gym that could guide me through workouts and get into a consistent routine. I am glad I landed here at Studio Kinetic.

It's been one month so far and the experience has been great, from the initial consultation to the day-to-day support. Despite the limitations that I have (due to personal circumstances) these guys worked hard to find out a plan/strategy that would work for me. I really appreciate that.

It's a gym that I am looking forward to going to, instead of feeling stress about it."