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The 4-Step Strategy EBook

Ever wondered why you start out a weight loss journey with the best of intentions, but never seem to succeed? Or maybe you do, but the results just don't seem to last for very long? Our PROVEN 4-Step Strategy for Sustainable Weight Loss breaks down exactly how and what to do to not only lose weight, but to actually keep it off for life. 

Mitcham Gym

Building Better Beliefs

Ever wondered why it is so difficult to try and change your habits? Most likely it’s because you aren’t addressing the root cause of the habits; your belief system. This webinar will delve into (and help you remove) your limiting beliefs, explain the ‘Belief Tree’, and provide you with the tools you need to change your beliefs, propelling you toward your goal.

Studio Kinetic

Creating Helpful Habits

Habits make up a large proportion of our behaviour, but are yours really serving you? We all have habits we would like to change, but for many, it's a seemingly impossible task. This webinar will teach you everything you need to know about what habits are, how they are formed, and most importantly how to change them from unhelpful, to helpful.

Studio Kinetic

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