For anyone that wants to say goodbye to diets and weight loss challenges, for good.

The last weight loss challenge you’ll ever need.

Our 28 Day Kickstart Program Even Works For People That Have Done Multiple Diets and Weight Loss Challenges In The Past But Never Saw Long Term Success.

Do you want to know why every weight loss challenge is set up to fail?

Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Actually The Challenge…
It’s What Comes After It.

For the last 4 years, I have been known as the ‘Anti-Challenge’ guy. 

I have been extremely vocal in my criticism of weight loss challenges and diets.


Because I know they don’t work.

However, I have recently had a very humbling realisation…

I got it wrong. 

They actually do work.

If we look at human psychology (something that I understand very well), we are all wired to be motivated by quick wins; tangible, short term progress we can see.

Weight loss challenges and diets are excellent at providing that.

Do they provide you with the kickstart you need to get out of a fitness rut? Yes.

Do they give you short term wins to help with your motivation? Yes.

Do they show you how to get into a solid training routine? Yes.

It’s not the challenge or diet that’s the problem…they actually get you great results.

But there's something else...

So what is it?

Why was I so vocal in my criticism of challenges and diets?

Because these challenges get you in, get you great results…and then spit you out. 

Once they finish, everything stops. 

The routine stops.

The support stops.

The motivation stops.

These weight loss challenges, without something long term afterwards…don’t work.

Without something afterwards, you just do a challenge… and then stop.

Then you go to another challenge… then you stop. 

And so the cycle goes.

Well, we have decided to fix the broken cycle...

We have developed the 28 Day Kickstart, followed by our longer term Anti-Challenge System to keep your amazing results…for life.

Because that’s the problem with challenges. 

People play them like a game of ping pong. 

Bouncing from one to the other, then to the other, and the other; never actually addressing their bad habits that got them into the situation in the first place. 

Sure, they cover your fitness (by making you train multiple times a week)

Sure, they cover your nutrition (by putting you on an restrictive diet)

But…what’s missing?

They never address why you do the things you do; the behaviors that got you into the situation you did the challenge to try and change. 

They never actually address your habits that will help you continue the great results AFTER the challenge ends.

See the problem?

That’s why most challenges don’t work. 

This is why our challenge is different. 

Because we understand that after the quick wins, when your motivation is high and you’ve seen great progress…there needs to be a support system in place to help you turn that progress into habits, and make the results last for a lifetime. 

This is the last challenge you’ll ever need to do. 

How it works

Our 28 Day Kickstart is designed to help you break free from the cycle of weight loss challenges, provide you with the kickstart you need to achieve your goals, and ensure you keep the progress going after the 28 days are over.

Belief builder and habit formation

Almost every weight loss challenge currently out there fails their participants before they have even begun. Why? Simply telling you to exercise and eat a certain way for a set period of time does absolutely nothing to address why you do the things you do, or why you think the way you do; which is why these challenges never work in the long run. This is where we step in, helping you uncover your limiting beliefs and your unhelpful habits; then working with you to re-shape them so that they serve you, not sabotage you.

Movement screening and assessment

Unlike a majority of challenges, we actually care about your body. We realise how important it is to get you doing the appropriate exercises, at the appropriate time, for the appropriate reason. Instead of signing you up on Monday and throwing you into a jam-packed HIIT session on the Tuesday, we take the time to learn the ins and the outs of your body, how you move, and exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing, so you can begin your training with confidence that you are not going to get injured. After all, we know that consistency is key to your success - and ensuring you remain injury free is the single best way to achieve that, and ultimately; your goal.

Personal onboarding session

Most challenges throw you straight in the deep end, making endless assumptions about how you can move and what you can (or ‘should be able to’) do. At Kinetic, we know that if someone doesn’t start their fitness journey off in the right way, then they will most likely get injured and not be able to continue. So, we want to put the odds back in your favour. We want to make sure that this is, indeed, the last challenge that you will EVER need; by looking after your body correctly, from the get-go. We do this through two 1:1 PT sessions that step you through your own individualised program so you feel totally comfortable and confident from the start.

Nutrition and meal plan set up

We know that challenges never succeed when they use just exercise alone. We also know that no two nutrition strategies can be the same for everyone, as we are all completely different; with different goals, body types and calorie requirements. Our comprehensive nutrition support and individualised meal plan will empower you to make balanced food choices so that you can lose weight while still enjoying the foods you love (yes - that includes chocolate!).

Inbody scans

After observing hundreds of members over years and years, we know that the hardest thing to do during a weight loss journey is to stay motivated. You feel like you’re putting in so much blood, sweat and tears in the quest to change your body, but how do you know if your hard work is being rewarded? If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing, and guesswork doesn’t help you stay motivated! Utilising in-depth body scans at the beginning and end of your 28 days will clearly show you the fantastic rewards for your hard work, and enable your motivation to remain at an all time high.

Unlimited semi-private training

Have you ever felt like just another number in a gym? Lost in a class of 10, 15, 20 (sometimes even more) people? Most challenges cram as many people as they can into their classes, at the expense of good form and technique; but primarily at the expense of developing real, meaningful connections with people. At Kinetic, we understand that embarking on a weight loss journey is hard, but is made 100x easier when you can come and train in a small, personal environment where you make genuine connections with people just like you, on the same journey as you.

Unmatched support

Trying to make changes on your own is hard. Really, really hard. In fact, it’s almost impossible. At Kinetic, we know the best way for you to stay motivated with your training, keep on track with your nutrition habits, and to make changes to your body that you never thought possible; is with our help. On the days that you don’t feel like training, or when you might be feeling like letting your nutrition habits slip; our comprehensive support system will be there to guide you, encourage you, but most importantly; to empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing once and for all.

We will give you back control of your health & wellbeing. doesn't matter what we say, here's what people just like you say:


Mel Member
Review Stars

"I injured myself at another gym."

"I approached Studio Kinetic after having injured myself at another gym during their "fit mum 8 week challenge" and what happened was exactly what Sean said on his website about challenges; I went all in, trying to get the most out of the 8 weeks, did too much too soon, got injured and was out for 8 weeks.

Coming across Sean's anti-challenge philosophy was a breath of fresh air, and I really liked his no bullsh*t approach. 

The team prescribed me a personalised exercise program that accounted for my injury - some exercises are the same as the ones my physio gave me, so they really know what they are talking about.

I LOVE the individual tailored program and small group  sizes where there is always a trainer with you, and you also get access to a Dietitian! 

I LOVE the holistic approach and feel this is something I can continue long term and enjoy, rather than looking for quick fixes." The best small fitness Mitcham!


Review Stars

"My experience at Kinetic has been life changing."

"My experience at Studio Kinetic has been life changing (not to be dramatic).

The time and effort that the trainers put in to helping you build a program that works for you and your goals is amazing, and I genuinely look forward to going to gym each day.

Before joining, I was uncomfortable with myself and any form of exercise, opting to do light yoga and walks with the dogs.

Now I feel stronger and more confident, doing HIIT and boxing classes and upping my weights in the gym.

It becomes a way of life and I don’t think I will look back."


David Member
Review Stars

"It's a gym that I look forward to going to."

"I found Studio Kinetic while I was looking for Group Fitness Mitcham  that could guide me through workouts and get into a consistent routine. I am glad I landed here at Studio Kinetic.

It's been one month so far and the experience has been great, from the initial consultation to the day-to-day support. Despite the limitations that I have (due to personal circumstances) these guys worked hard to find out a plan/strategy that would work for me. I really appreciate that.

It's a gym that I am looking forward to going to, instead of feeling stress about it."

What to expect

When you join the 28 Day Kickstart, you'll have everything you need to remove your limiting beliefs, develop new positive habits and jumpstart your weight loss journey.

Studio Kinetic Gym


Our semi-private training is like nothing you've done before. Whether you are completing your own individualised program in our specialised sessions, or attending our regular sessions; every single workout has been specifically designed to help you lose fat, build muscle and transform your body. All our sessions have a maximum of 6 people in them, and all of our coaches hold a university degree at a minimum, ensuring you are in the safest hands.

Louis Hansel


Forget the ultra-restrictive diets and banning of your favourite foods, we have developed a nutrition system that means you can still enjoy the things you love; while losing weight at the same time. Tailored meal plans from our dietitian take into account your specific requirements, rather than the typical 'cookie cutter' meal plans usually seen in other challenges. Why would you get the same meal plan as a 20 year old girl? Doesn't make much sense does it! Experience the difference when we take a smart approach to your diet.

Studio Kinetic

Beliefs, habits & mindset

What's the one crucial element that all the other weight loss challenges never address? Your beliefs and your habits. Why you do the things you do. We will help you remove your limiting beliefs (the little voice in your head that tells you 'you can't do this') and replace your old, bad habits with new, positive ones. This process isn't always easy, but having coaches that know your name, like-minded members that are on a shared journey, plus a warm, friendly environment that doesn't judge; make it as easy as possible for you as you completely re-shape your mindset.

Guarantee Badge

We stand by our results.

After 28 days, if you turned up to every training session you were supposed to, followed our nutrition support structure and implemented all the habits you were asked to; and weren’t head over heels thrilled with your experience, then I’ll refund every single dollar you’ve spent.

There is not a stronger guarantee than this in the market.

The last challenge you'll ever need.

Unlimited Access To Our Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions, So You Will Never Be Lost In The Crowd Ever Again ($300 value)
Individualised Programs Written By Real Professionals, That Make Sure You Never Exercise Incorrectly ($199 value)
Tailored Meal Plans Designed By Our Dietitian, So All The Guesswork Is Removed From Your Eating ($200 value)
Weekly Meeting With Our Dietitian, So You Will Never Feel Confused Or Unsure About What To Eat ($800 value)
Initial Assessment & Movement Screen By Exercise Scientists, So You Will Always Exercise The Correct Way For Your Body ($200 value)
Access To Exclusive E-Learning Video Library, So You Will Always Have The Correct Information At Your Fingertips ($399 value)
Weekly Healthy Snack Baskets Chosen By Our Dietitian, So You Have One Less Thing To Think About When You're At The Shops ($175 value)
InBody Progress Scans, So You Will Always Be Motivated By Your Progress ($190 value)


and remember, if you aren't HEAD OVER HEELS thrilled with your progress after the 28 days, we'll give you your money back.

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