Hamster on a wheel

It’s been a while between blogs.


Because I don’t believe in speaking unless I have something to say; and up until this point, I haven’t had anything to bring to you guys.

Until now.

My mother once told me ‘the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different result’.

(I googled this quote, and turns out Mum didn’t actually come up with it…apparently neither did Einstein though, as everyone thought…who cares really, it’s a good quote.)

I want to apply this quote to a scenario I am hearing A LOT lately:

Person A wants to lose weight.

Person A doesn’t want to put in effort for a particularly long period of time.

Person A sees a ‘challenge’ advertised.

Person A loses 10-15kg in just six short weeks, and feels AMAZING. How good is that!?

The challenge ends.

Person A’s weight suddenly starts creeping back on.

Person A panics.

Person A desperately wants to avoid going back to how they were/felt/looked, pre-challenge.

Person A signs up for ANOTHER challenge, as that’s what enabled them to lose weight last time, right?

And so the cycle begins, and so it will continue.

Granted, these challenges are marketed extremely well. Tapping into people’s two key desires: 1) losing weight, and 2)  not having to put in much effort.

6 weeks to transform your life? Most people would JUMP at that chance.

The people behind these challenges know that what they are promising is bullshit.

They know it is not actually healthy for the participants.

But hey, “if it makes money it makes sense, bro” – every fitpro these days.

However, there’s just one problem.

Well actually, there’s a few. But I’m just going to focus on one.

If these challenges are supposed to be ‘life-changing’ and ‘body transforming’… why are there people out there doing 2, 3, 4+ of them in succession?

Multiple weight loss challenges?

But, aren’t they supposed to be easy? 6 weeks and boom, the weight is gone?

I guess what the DON’T tell you is that just as quickly as it disappeared, inevitably, the weight WILL return.

You simply cannot undo years of poor habits, years of poor health choices, years of weight gain… IN SIX WEEKS. 





If you are doing multiple challenges, there is a fucking problem.

You are stuck on what I’ve termed, the challenge cycle.

And you need to get off.


Without even delving into the severely negative impact doing multiple weight loss challenges has on your mental wellbeing and self-confidence; just the physical effect alone should be enough for people to just STOP.

They include, but are not limited to:

  1. Being deprived of crucial nutrients (both macro and micro)
  2. Losing muscle, not simply ‘fat’.
  3. A decreased metabolism
  4. Dehydration
  5. Hormonal imbalances 
  6. Confusion/Dizziness/Inability to concentrate; due to the severe restriction on carbohydrates (what your brain uses for fuel)

Imagine placing your body through all of that, giving it a little break for a few weeks/months, then going again. And again. And again.

What on earth do you think is going to happen to you? 

I’ll tell you.


What makes you think that the next time you do a challenge, the weight will magically stay off (when it has never done so the previous 3 times)?

Much like a hamster wheel, people stuck in the challenge cycle are just running and running, yet getting absolutely nowhere.

Well, it’s time to hop the fuck off.

What’s the definition of stupidity again?