Why every female should be strength training,

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I train a lot of females. All of them lift weights, and all of them are far better off physically and mentally for it. Slowly but surely, the education is spreading; girls are moving off the treadmills and cross trainers, and into the weights area.

This is pleasing.

If you are one of the girls already on the deadlifting platform, you probably don’t need to keep reading. If you’re the girl reading this on her phone while she’s hitting the treadmill for 60mins to ‘tone the booty and thighs’, get yourself off it right this second, sit down somewhere and pay attention.

I’m going to keep this all fairly short and sweet, as I want to break down the science into useable info.

By lifting weights, you increase your lean muscle mass.

By increasing your lean muscle mass, your body must burn through more calories at rest in order to sustain itself.

To put it simply, by lifting weights you are burning more calories just by walking around in your day to day life; not including the energy you expended whilst actually doing the workout.

Once we add that energy to the equation; you are absolutely torching through body fat, and replacing it with lean muscle mass.

Yep, you are doing some serious “toning up”.

The bigger and more taxing the lifting, the more “toned” you will become.

Forget the mini band glute kickbacks, forget the bodyweight glute bridges.

Get under a barbell and focus on deadlifting, squatting, RDL’ing, rowing and benching.

More joints involved in the lift = more muscle groups involved in the lift = more energy expended during the lift = more calories burnt for the total workout = more body fat dropped and lean muscle mass put on overall.

Have you noticed that usually, the girls that are at the gym with the fittest looking physiques are the ones hanging around the free weights area?

Probably not, as if you’re reading down this far you have been stuck in the cardio area trying to stay in the “fat burning zone” on the cross trainer

The good news is, it’s never too late to start weight training.

If you want the results you’ve always dreamed of but the cardio area of your gym has never been able to get you, start lifting weights and see your body and mind completely transform.

PS: Don’t just look at Instagram at some twit doing a Bosu ball barbell squat while balancing on two upturned dumbbells and think “wow, she has 500,000 followers, I’d better do that too!!”

PPS: No, you will 100% not “bulk up” from lifting weights. Science says so.

Science > Fitspo girls Instagram stories.